Middle School Students

At Perfect Platinum LLC, we advise students on the preparation of college and their future.  One-on-one discussions are conducted which helps students discover their interests in life. We provide assessment and mentoring services to prepare them and teach them to understand the importance of making good career choices.

High School Students

This program is similar to the middle school students but at a much higher level of intensity. We help students define their interests and translate that knowledge into making specific career choices. We coordinate with colleges to host events that allow the students to plan and prepare for the next level of higher learning. In addition, we host symposiums designed to create interaction with college students and opportunities for mentorship.

College Freshman

College students who are undecided about their career paths are often in need of direction. We help these college students by organizing groups and one-on-one discussions that allow them to interact and share ideas. Perfect Platinum LLC, provides mentorship program through volunteers from different career fields.

                                                              Career Development Services:



• Career/personality assessments
• Strategy Consulting-Advising how to prepare for college
• Mentoring- provides an insider’s perspective and clearer understanding of career plans
• One on One discussions
• Colloquiums
• Structured decision making
• Job search inquires
• Interview skills

• Resume development
• Undergraduate school advising
• Work with Colleges to have Events
• Resources-to assist in career development
• Symposium
• Internships
• Jobs
• Seminars
• Career Day Events