Perfect Platinum LLC helps employees better define their vocation by hosting lectures, seminars (1, 2 or 3 days) and conferences where we discuss their occupation. During this process we conduct assessments that reflect their current situation and pursuits. 

We walk them through options and offer resources, exploring the necessary steps for change and advancement while defining the necessary requirements and commitments. This is performed through the employees realizing where they best derive their highest level of job satisfaction, and ways to achieve overall self-improvement.

Unique Approach

All of our programs are uniquely designed for each of our target clients. Dr. Modupe “Dupe” Edeoga, CEO of Perfect Platinum LLC, holds a Ph.D. in Organization Psychology which enables her to help organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to:

• Align Employee Development Efforts with Your Organizational Needs

• Support Human Capital Goals and Strategies

• Improve Employee Morale

• Create More Productive Employees

• Increase Overall Job Satisfaction

• Promote Commitment to the Agency or Department

• Enhance Employee Retention


Employees in the workforce